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Virtual CFO

An entrepreneur managing a growing business, needs a strategic partner to lead & manage the financial aspects of the business.
Depending on the size and the growth stage of your company, we provide a flexible engagement model, enabling you to increase/decrease engagement levels, thereby giving you the opportunity of having the best CFO talent assisting you, based on your needs. Our ongoing Virtual CFO retainer engagements can be as low as 2 hours a week and can go as high as 35 hours a week. This flexible engagement model will help you keep your CFO costs variable and low but the experience will always remain enriching and memorable.

Key Activities

  • Overall supervise finance team
  • Prepare MIS reports on a monthly basis
  • Coordinate with all the teams to ensure financial data is properly captured
  • Attend weekly meeting Virtual, or physical as required with finance and other operation teams to review all the financial data

Key Benefits

  • Most Economical but huge service
  • Multiple Industry Experience
  • Benefiting from a TEAM of CFOs
  • Standardized Reporting and Formatting
  • Rich Network
  • Control costs.
  • Customize based on your needs and budget.
  • Grow with you.
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